Administrator guideline to purchasing and managing Tekla Model Sharing licenses

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Purchasing Tekla Model Sharing licenses

How to evaluate?

Please request Tekla Model Sharing evaluation license from your reseller or local Tekla office.

How to determine the number of license needed?

You can estimate the number of license needed simply by counting the number of people who are actively working on projects which are using Tekla Model Sharing.

How to purchase

Please contact your reseller or local Tekla office to purchase Tekla Model Sharing licenses. The purchase follows the standard process where the customer signs the COSLA, sends it to Tekla and then receives the licenses.

License delivery

Tekla Model Sharing licenses are delivered directly to your organization’s Tekla Account, and are immediately available to be consumed*. Customer main delivery contact will receive a license notification by e-mail.

Tekla Model Sharing license doesn’t require activation. The company admin uses Tekla Account admin tool to control who can use the licenses.

*Every time you purchase new licenses, every employee’s ModelSharing is returned to active. This ensures that new licenses are always immediately available to be used, without need to wait for admin actions. Admin needs to uncheck those who are not allowed to use Tekla Model Sharing.

Managing Tekla Model Sharing licenses

How to review existing licenses

Sign in to Tekla Account admin tool and select License details tab to list your company’s model sharing licenses and maintenance status

Assigning licenses for organisation users

Choose the employees who are allowed to consume Model Sharing licenses on ‘Employees’ tab

  • Check ModelSharing to enable license use
  • Uncheck ModelSharing to disable the use

Monitoring the use of licenses

Tekla Model Sharing licenses usage can be monitored on License Details tab

How to release license in use

Tekla Model Sharing licenses are automatically released when the user shuts down Tekla Structures, changes to working on a model that is not shared, or disconnects from the Tekla Model Sharing service.

Requirements for organization's Tekla Account

As an company admin, you have the responsibility to administer Tekla Accounts for your organization and users.

Employees / external license user

To use Tekla Model Sharing, the users need to be able to consume organization’s Tekla Model Sharing license. This requires

  • the user must be listed as an employee for the organization, or
  • the user needs to be listed as an external users for the organization

Admin can invite users to join the organization, and the user needs to approve the invitation. More details on these can be found on separate guide on Managing user accounts for Tekla accounts.

Changing user from an organization to another

Please contact support before moving employees from one organization to another. There is a safety feature that locks the changed employee account automatically to prevent unintentional organization changes.

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