8. ProNest Integration Cheat Sheet

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Tekla EPM to ProNest Integration Cheat Sheet

Steps to use ProNest as an external combining Software including taking from Stock in EPM. In order. (For those already familiar with the process)
  1. From the combining run (with ProNest as the Nesting Software), export the parts for nesting. Save the combining run.
  2. Import the parts list to ProNest and nest the job.
  3. Crop all nests.
  4. Save remnants and skeletons. (Understand the ramifications if you omit this step - don't go back and do it later).
  5. Export CNC. (This is optional at this point - you can do it here or later, or even both).
  6. Generate the ProNest to FabSuite Nest Summary Report.
  7. From the same combining run in EPM, import nested results. The file you import is the report you just generated from ProNest. If you cannot find it, right click on the link in ProNest, and "Show in Folder".
  8. Check that everything came in as expected (the pictures are there).
  9. Save displayed results and close. You may have to add plates to a PO or a requisition if ProNest nested on to plates that are not in inventory.
  10. Check that the proper plate(s) are reserved to the proper job(s) in inventory. You should be able to double click a plate and see the nest image. Do not move on (in EPM) until the plate(s) are in inventory. If a plate you need is stuck on a requisition or a PO rather than in inventory, it'll need to be purchased and received. A plate that is not in inventory will not link when the cut list is brought in.
  11. If you have not already done so, export the Job to CNC from ProNest. (It doesn't hurt to do this again, especially if it could not link in the next step.
  12. From Tekla EPM Inventory, Import ProNest cut list. It should say that it Successfully linked the job.
  13. From Production Control, review cut lists. (Create New Cut List, Make Report, Save Cut List). Give it a name.
  14. From the cut lists screen, you can see the nest image again.
  15. When you're ready, click "Cut". Enter the TFS information (including the actual heat number used, and the drop and location if you wish to override ProNest remnants).
  16. Check inventory to find your Remnant and skeleton. If you want to discard the skeleton and have it's weight billed to the job, Take it from Stock right there in Inventory.
  17. Unreserve the remnant (if you didn't do this as part of the TFS) to make it available to future combining runs in EPM/ProNest.
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