2023 Release Products & Tekla Structural License Service 2023 - Important Information

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Tekla Connection Designer
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On-premises Sentinel RMS Server Licensing

If you are a customer using on-premises server licensing (Sentinel RMS) we strongly recommend, prior to installing the 2023 releases of Tekla Tedds, Tekla Structural Designer, Tekla Portal Frame Designer or Tekla Connection Designer, that you first:

  • Install the Tekla Structural License Service 2023 (v4.3.0.0) on your license server, this will upgrade your license server to Sentinel RMS 10.0.  The installation for this is available now in Tekla Downloads.
    • If you have any issues during or after the installation, see the Installation Notes section below.
  • Activate your 2023 Product Activation Keys on your license server.

Subscription (Online) licenses and On-premises Local Licenses

Customers using only subscription licenses or on-premises local licenses do not need to install the Tekla Structural License Service 2023 (v4.3.0.0) on clients (i.e. computers on which engineers use the applications).  The client components of the Tekla Structural License Service will automatically be installed when installing the 2023 products.


  • Why update to Sentinel RMS 10.0 at all?
    • Because it officially supports Windows 11.
  • Will updating the server to v10.0 now cause any problems?
    • No.
  • Can 2023 Server Licence PAKs be activated with Sentinel RMS v10.0 installed on the server?
    • Yes.  In fact as usual PAKs can be activated as soon as you get them regardless of what version of Sentinel RMS is running on the server.
  • Will Sentinel RMS be updated again after this update?
    • We cannot guarantee this.  However it is likely this will be the last update for the foreseeable future, so we recommend it is worth investing the time to do it now.

Installation Notes

Microsoft .Net/Framework 6

Note that this new version of the License Service requires Microsoft .Net/Framework 6 runtimes to be installed.  These may already be installed on your license server so they are not included in the installation package.  If they are not installed (or there is an issue with the installation) you will see either of the following symptoms

  • Most commonly; an error message during installation informing that .Net Desktop Runtime (64) and (86) needs to be installed - the installation will then abort.
2023LSM-install error
  • More rarely - the installation completes but there is an error during PAK activation "License activation service (LicenseActivation.exe) is not installed or registered incorrectly"


To address this issue, the Microsoft .Net 6 Desktop Runtime x64 and x86 versions need to be installed on your license server. Follow the link below to download (see the picture below showing this page):

On this page, under the ".NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.15" heading, you will find the links to download the (x64) and (x86) versions. BOTH of these versions will need to be downloaded and installed before the Tekla License Service 2023 can be installed/ a PAK can be activated successfully.  

Once these have been installed, rerun the installer for the Tekla Structural License Service and it should complete successfully.  Or, if the issue was PAK activation, try activating the PAK(s) again.

.Net 6.0 page
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