2. ProNest Integration Pre-Setup requirements

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Tekla EPM to ProNest Integration Pre-Setup Requirements

Before trying to connect ProNest and EPM, a few basic pieces should be in place. This document details the steps to verify that each piece is installed and working correctly.

From ProNest

  • Check versions of ProNest and DataSync against the Integration Requirements. Contact your ProNest representative for necessary updates.
  • This integration requires that the Networked database from ProNest be installed, and also requires some specific licenses from ProNest. DataSyncCmd must be installed properly on the FabSuite server. DataSyncCmd.exe must exist and db.ini must match the other instances of db.ini (in the ProNest folder, etc).
  • Make sure the Data Sync Service is running on the Tekla EPM Server.
  • FROM THE EPM SERVER, open cmd (type "cmd" into the Search on the start button or screen). You'll get a black window with a prompt. Copy and paste this text into it (including quotes, replacing portions in square brackets with the appropriate information on your system):

    "  "[Data Sync Path]" test1"

    If the DataSyncCmd is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Hypertherm CAM\DataSync 2019\DataSyncCmd.exe then this command is:

    "  "C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Hypertherm CAM\DataSync 2019\DataSyncCmd.exe" test1"

    If you get an error that says "The specified task name is unknown", your Data Sync is running properly. If you get an error that says "Cannot find Data Sync Service", then contact your ProNest representative. Data Sync is not communicating properly with the Data Sync Manager.

Once you have the proper error, Data Sync is communicating with ProNest. We can move on.

From Tekla EPM

Download the following files from Here. Note that for now some are still are named "FabSuite . . .", and must keep this name for now as this is hard-coded in EPM.
  • On the server with the ProNest Database: FabSuite Inventory Sync.xml (This is the Inventory Sync Task for Data Sync. Put in C:\ProgramData\Hypertherm CAM\Data Sync 2019\Tasks\ )
  • Optional: Also On the server with the ProNest Database: Tekla EPM Work Order.xml (If you plan to export using the Work Order format. Put in C:\ProgramData\Hypertherm CAM\Data Sync 2019\Tasks\ )
  • On the ProNest Workstation: ProNest to FabSuite Nest Summary.fr3 (This is the custom report that we use from ProNest back to FabSuite. Put it in C:\ProgramData\Hypertherm CAM\ProNest 2019\Reports (FastReport)\Custom Reports\ )
Data Sync Server and DataSyncCMD must be running on the server with the ProNest database.

DataSyncCMD must be running on the server with the FabSuite database and on FabSuite workstations that may use the integration.

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